ActionismLA marched up to Mnuchin’s mansion in Bell Air to deliver this rejection letter. actionism

Mr. Steve Mnuchin
Dune Capital Management LP
623 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY  10022

Dear Steven Mnuchin,

We are a group of concerned citizens, deeply troubled by Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, election, and cabinet choices. You, as Trump’s Treasury Secretary nominee, prove to be particularly troubling.

You are the epitome of the one percent who gambled away our savings, our homes, and our economy. Your nomination is the clearest piece of evidence that Trump’s “drain the swamp” rhetoric was nothing more than a catchy chant that he used to con working class Americans into believing that he would challenge the corruption plaguing our political process.

For 17 years, you worked at Goldman Sachs, one of the main causes of and victors in the financial crisis. You bought IndyMac with the FDIC protecting you from the risks entailed and created OneWest Bank, notorious for foreclosures and racially discriminatory lending practices under your leadership. 6 years and over 36,000 unethical and illegal foreclosures later, you sold OneWest for a massive $380 million personal profit. You later were an executive producer of the apocalyptic Mad Max film that we fear could be a defining vision of the outcome of Trump’s presidency.

Is that a bit extreme, you might ask? We hope so. How do we avoid the disaster that so many see in America’s future under Trump?

We call upon you to serve America and the global community under your first-ever government post. We demand that you turn your back upon the Wall Street greed that you have dedicated your life to, that has served you so well, that has landed you in your comfortable Bel Air mansion.

We demand that you NOT cut corporate taxes. We know that as a wealthy bank CEO, it may be difficult to understand how lowering corporate taxes would do harm, but this does not benefit the rest of us. Previous experiments with lowering corporate taxes have not proven themselves to be job creators, while they certainly boost profits at the top. Your 15% corporate tax proposal is much lower than most of us as individuals pay, and we find this unfair given that corporations reap so many of the benefits of government spending. We demand that you instead focus your efforts on cutting tax loopholes, and taxing corporations fairly for the public good. The US economy is one of the richest in the world, and there is no reason that it cannot be far more equitable to serve every person in the US.

We do not expect you to surprise us or to do much to improve the lives of everyday Americans. But we will not let you continue to deregulate the economy to the liking of the super rich, such as yourself.

And we will not accept your dismissal of our message. We refuse to stand idly by while you, Trump, and your rich friends serve themselves and destroy marginalized communities in our country.

Please take a deep look at your past, and let us know if we have nothing to worry about. We want to be proven wrong. We want Mad Max to remain your fictional story.

We will be watching.


The People



Hello, my name is ___ and I am a Los Angeles (or other city) voter. I am deeply concerned about Treasury Secretary nominee Steven Mnuchin. His track record as a Goldman Sachs banker and OneWest CEO has demonstrated a lack of concern for ordinary Americans and the law. OneWest foreclosed on over 36,000 households under Mnuchin’s leadership, and many of these foreclosures could have been avoided or were illegal. I do not want a Treasury Secretary who is solely focused on corporate profit, but one that will tax corporations fairly and regulate the US economy for the benefit of all Americans. I ask that you reject Mnuchin for the Treasury Secretary nomination. Thank you for your time.

Hello, my name is ___ and I am a Los Angeles (or other city) voter. I call upon you to not confirm Steven Mnuchin for the Treasury Secretary position. He has proposed cutting corporate taxes to 15% and rolling back Dodd-Frank. I do not agree with his trickle down economic approach, especially after considering his Wall Street past. I have no confidence that he will act in the interest of all Americans, no matter what he might say during his confirmation hearing. Thank you.

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